Tail on her PJ’s is just attached for fun.

NAME: Serumi Harmor

Trolltag: indolentProminence [IP]

(give her quads damnit she cute)

Quads:   - Nope.

             - Nuh uh.

         - N/A

                   - Doubt it.

Famous(-ish) music producer! If you aren’t talking about that hit new track she that nobody actually knows about, what’s the point of conversation in the first place?

Serumi, or as she’s more commonly known by her alias, L0hblud, is an EDM producer who isn’t all about that fame. She could really care less about going on tour, or meeting other celebrities. She doesn’t have a studio, preferring to make music while laying in bed on her husktop. Most of her fans see her as someone very outgoing, when in reality, she’s not the biggest extrovert out there. 

(If you want, your troll could definitely know her! She’d probably be pretty happy to meet a fan!)